Imagine how your life would be different if...

You had the clinical confidence to attract and retain your ideal clients through your unique methodology and approach - and the confidence to share it with groups

You created a community of raving fans that spread what you do like wildfire - because they're so grateful they had the opportunity to experience it

You had the exact tools and strategies to take action to create and grow your dream practice and business - all while receiving guidance and feedback

You were a part of a community of like-minded clinicians who are cheering you on and want you to succeed as much 
as you do

That's exactly what you get in 
The Wild Collective Clinicians Fellowship.

We know the power of The Wild Collective.
Now it's time you do, too. 


  •  Do you know you can step into a bigger and better version of yourself as a clinician, but aren't sure where to start? You know you can, you know you will. But when?
  • Are you tired of feeling lost in the overwhelm of building a business while also advancing your clinical skills? The Wild Collective curriculum will empower and elevate your business + clinical knowledge to help you create your dream life.
  • Are you searching for purpose, passion and work-life balance? Maybe you're just getting started or have been "at it" for a while. The Wild Collective Clinician Fellowship is going to ignite your work-life spark and keep it burning!
  • ​Are you looking for a community of like-minded clinician entrepreneurs who are ready to support you in your big, audacious goals? Look no further. Join your collective of like-minded clinicians who are also looking for community and connection!

Are you ready to build community and join the revolution of healthcare?

You're in the right place.

There's a problem with the way you've been taught to be a clinician.

  • The model: You've been taught that most people want to see you in 1:1 visits and that's the most effective way to deliver care.
  • ​The focus: You thought your qualifications would make you confident in your training.
  • ​The necessary skills: You're smart and know you have the knowledge and skills to change lives. But you also need the skills to bring that message to the people who are looking for you.
  • The competition: What if you didn't see your colleagues as competition, but as your greatest source of inspiration, support and amplification of your work? 
  • ​​The mindset: You're here to help people. But that doesn't mean you have to burn out in the 1:1 model, charge less than you know you're worth or wait years to make a decent income.

That's exactly what we're changing. 


The Fellowship

The Wild Collective Fellowship is an 11 month immersion in advancing your clinical and community building skills, all with supportive like-minded clinicians who are mentoring and cheering you on.

It is your opportunity to gain confidence, build meaningful connections and create your dream practice, business and ultimately, your dream life.

The Wild Collective Clinicians Fellowship is a supportive community of like minded clinician entrepreneurs, offering clinical, business and personal development that will help ignite passion and purpose into your life.

This isn't about hustling or doing more. 

It's about doing everything with intention. 

Here's what's included:

  • ​11 live, transformative clinical modules and collective gatherings with one 2-hour session every month
  • ​11 x 2 hour live coaching + strategy sessions every month
  • ​Weekly support, feedback and guidance to keep you moving forward
  • ​Community support and connection through our private Facebook group
  • ​More than $10, 000 in bonuses, including:
  • ​BONUS Customizable 3 Day ENERGY Breakthrough Guide you can brand and use for your marketing or programs
  • ​BONUS Coaching, Done For You Templates, Exclusive pricing on Wild Collective Facilitation, Guest Appearances & More

The Fellowship Curriculum

You already have the credentials.

But do you have the confidence to convey your knowledge?

Imagine if you could fast forward through years of trial and error in practice and learn clinical pearls while receiving mentorship - for both your clinical and business skills.

Imagine if you knew exactly how to build a community - with confidence - 
to expedite the results you AND your patients are looking for.

The Wild Collective Clinicians Fellowship provides the opportunity for exactly that.

You don't have to wait to gain the years of experience, spend hours researching and creating treatment plans, struggle to get your clients the results they want or hold back on offering your best care because you're afraid it will cost them too much.

You don't have to figure out what to do next or how to create and utilize community medicine.

We've figured it out for you.

In every module, we'll cover clinical pearls of wisdom from our 20+ years of experience:

The Menstrual Cycle

Learn how to teach women to use their menstrual cycle as their super power

We'll cover best practices, standards of care (including testing and treatments) for the most common concerns women face from PMS through Menopause.

Support your clients in each life stage and learn how to stand out in the
market of women's health.


We'll teach you how to sort through all of the overwhelming information on dietary trends for both you and your clients. We may have a friend who's THE expert in this area who will make a guest appearance...

We'll also cover how to make dietary changes easy for your clients to get compliance - while challenging diet culture entirely.

We also cover the importance of trusting your gut. 


We cover the importance of educating patients on detoxification from an evidence-based perspective. Learn how to navigate all the detox products and claims on the market and respond to that in practice when patients ask: 
"Should I detox?"

We also cover what you need to detox in your own life, mindset and business
and support you in the process.


The thyroid always gets a lot of attention. Grasp a full understanding of how to test for and managing your patient's thyroid function, including clinical pearls of prescription thyroid medication. Whether you prescribe or not, you can dramatically improve patient outcomes if you understand how to communicate and advocate for your patients.

We also explore the concept of speaking your truth and being authentically you while creating the business of your dreams.

Blood Sugar

This module is magic - you need to make sure you are assessing your patients blood sugar properly if you want to help them improve their mood, energy or body composition. Learn what tests and treatment you really need to be running to understand your clients' metabolism.

We also cover how to elevate your mood and feel energized in your body while doing the important work you're doing.

Stress & Adrenals

Your patients are stressed. Your clients are stressed.  Can you really help them if you're feeling stressed too?

In this module, we cover how to help you and your patients better respond to stress even if you can't change the stress you have.

We also cover how to build resiliency through challenging times and find opportunity when you feel like your business isn't growing like you want.


When you can manage your own stress and sleep AND help your patients do the same, everything becomes easier. We cover the in's and out's of how to do just that. Sleep is THE foundation of health and if you're not addressing it or optimizing it yourself, you're limiting everyone's potential.

We cover how to make sleep your secret weapon and 
ultimate productivity hack.

Breasts & Vagina

Yup, we're going there. Get to know your intimate parts even better and gain confidence and comfort in being able to discuss this important part of women's health with your patients and clients. We'll discuss proper testing options, monitoring and when you need to refer.

We also explore connecting to your feminine power - the secret power of receiving and generating income.

Brain and Mood

You know what impacts your brain health, cognitive function and your mood. But are you thriving in your health or feeling a little burnt out? We'll explore the real reasons you aren't feeling your best and how to overcome these obstacles. 

We also dive into mastering your mindset.

Your Vision

You have big dreams, goals and aspirations. In this hands-on session, we get creative and put your ideas on paper. Learn the science behind effective goal setting and achieving - not just for you, but so you can help your patients and clients do the same. This is one of the all-time favorite sessions in The Wild!

We also explore the concept of your mission and purpose.

The Divine Feminine

In this session, we have the opportunity to put all the pieces together.  We wrap up the beautiful combination of connecting your authentic self and intuition into the business, practice and life of your dreams. 

Affirm your knowledge of feminine power and go forward, transformed

Sessions run every other Thursday from 12 PM - 2 PM EST 
starting Thursday, February 4th through November 25th.

The first session of the month is the module, the second is the live, 2-hour coaching call.

Each session is recorded so you can watch it later.

You will receive and maintain lifetime access to the recordings, handouts and copies of all the curriculum material.

This is also the perfect opportunity if you want to become a Wild Collective Facilitator - 
you will know the curriculum inside and out and will feel confident
in your ability to sell out your first collective before you even start!

The connections you make will be like and will last like no other.

This Fellowship is for you if:

  • You want to accelerate the growth of your business and practice
  • ​You want to gain confidence and have support as you do so
  • ​You want to build community for your patients/clients and yourself
  • ​You want to innovate your offerings to make your care more accessible 
  • ​You want to have more impact than what you can achieve in the 1:1 model
  • ​You want support and feedback along the way
  • You want to network with other like-minded clinicians so you can provide even more value to each other's communities
  • ​You want to have FUN and work-life balance

This Fellowship is NOT for you if:

  • You want to be in the same place you are now this time next year 
  • ​You want to keep doubting yourself and your skills
  • ​You want to keep going it alone and don't want to offer extra support for your patients and clients
  • You want to stay in the 1:1 model, making your care hard to access
  • You don't want to make a larger impact
  • You don't want the chance to get to know other like-minded clinicians or provide value to more people
  • You like burning out and want to keep working harder, not smarter

The Fellowship is limited to 24 practitioners.

Registration won't open again until next year in January 2022.

Access these EPIC bonuses if you secure a spot BEFORE we sell out or by MIDNIGHT, Friday, January 22nd - whichever comes first!

One Month Free


We're giving you a full month of 
The Wild Collective Clinician Fellowship free.


Because we believe in you and we love sharing.

Valued at >$500

Bonus 1:1 Coaching with 
Michelle & Leigha

We're giving the first 6 clinicians to register a one-hour 1:1 strategy session with one of us so you can get super clear on your goals and how to achieve them.

Learn from our 20+ years of clinical and business experience!

Valued at >$300 per session

Your Own 3 day Energy Breakthrough Guide

We're giving you a 24 page 3 Day Energy Breakthrough Guide that you can customize with your own branding. Use it as a freebie, lead magnet or as a part of your clinical or group program. It contains a quiz, 20+ gluten & dairy free recipes, shopping list and outlines next steps you want your client to take. Beautifully and professionally written and designed - waiting for your personal touch!

Valued at $997

Done For You 
Templates, Checklists & Campaigns 

Terrified of tech? Don't have the time to figure it all out?

We're including our templates for Click Funnel opt-ins and sales pages AND Active Campaign automation templates.

When you tap into the power of tech, your reach is endless!

Valued at >$6000 (plus your sanity)

Exclusive Pricing For
The Wild Collective Licensing

Graduates of The Wild Collective Clinicians Fellowship have exclusive pricing for purchasing their own Wild Collective license - you'll get it for 25% off what other's pay.

Once you experience the magic of The Wild Collective, you won't want to wait to offer this program to your own community! You'll sell out your first enrollment before you even start and will see easy returns on your investment!

Valued at $2000

Guest Podcast Appearances

All registrants in the Wild Clinicians Fellowship will be given the opportunity to make a guest appearance on Michelle's Podcast, Rebel Talk and Leigha's Podcast that is launching in the Spring of 2021.

This is your chance to start spreading your message and establish yourself as the go-to clinician on your zone of genius.

Valued at endless opportunity

Bonus Masterclass with Adele Tevlin

Adele Tevlin is an incredibly talented cognitive behavioural therapist who leads women to take control of their lives, reclaim their health and reach their full potential by understanding how their patterns are keeping them stuck. She has extensive experience in working with clinician entrepreneurs to help them step into their best selves and master their money mindset.

Adele is our very own Mindset Coach and her work has been invaluable for us both!

Valued at $200

Bonus Discounts & Offers

We've been approached by some pretty epic companies and leaders in the health and wellness industry who want to connect with the clinicians in our community.

We are currently finalizing the details of the incredible opportunities they want to bring to you.

Valued at >$500

That's >$10,000 in bonuses. On top of 40 hours of mentorship valued at >$12,000.

Join the Fellowship and get more than 5X the value of what you pay!

It's basically free.

This Fellowship was created for you.

Start Now To Find Your Calling, Reclaim Your Wild and ignite your spark

Discover, Cultivate and Become Your Power .
Community and Connection makes it all Possible.

Space is limited. We expect spots to go like they always have and will when 
The Wild Collective is offered - SOLD OUT.

Take the action that's calling you. Join us now.

Best Value



Easy Pay



Dr. Michelle Peris

Naturopathic Doctor

Founder & Creator of The Wild Collective

Co-Creator of Wild Collective Clinicians

Owner & Founder of The Poppy Clinic
Dr. Leigha Saunders

Naturopathic Doctor

Wild Collective Facilitator

Co-Creator of Wild Collective Clinicians

Owner & Founder of True Roots Healthcare
Hi! We're Michelle & Leigha
We're moms, entrepreneurs, community-builders, naturopathic doctors and clinic owners. We're on a mission to cultivate a community of clinicians who are looking to transform the way they deliver healthcare, while supporting their own health and creating their dream life.

We found ourselves burning out while we were caring for others who were doing the same.  It just didn't make sense. 
Michelle created The Wild Collective, a transformational women's health program over 4 years ago. The program is now international and being offered by clinicians all over the world to thousands of women every year.

Leigha is a facilitator of The Wild Collective - it transformed her practice and her personal life so profoundly, she asked Michelle if they could branch out to reach other clinicians. 

And then The Wild Collective Clinicians was born.

We are here to teach you our secrets, our process and share with you how community can change the lives of the people you are here to reach - while also changing your own.

You have a story that deserves to be told and important work to do. We are here to help make sure that happens. Join us in The Wild Collective Clinicians Fellowship!

We beleive in a better way...

Create a community you've been dreaming of

Engage in deeper conversations, knowledge and information curated by two naturopathic doctors with over 20 years of combined clinical experience. We believe you deserve an innovative approach to creating your dream practice.

You have lifetime access to the information and your community of other Wild Collective Clinicians who are as passionate about transforming healthcare as we are.

Now's the time. Make it happen.

It's easy to get caught up in thinking this isn't the right time. That down the road you'll have more time, more space, a better chance.  You will never find time unless you make it.

It also takes time to create meaningful connections. The time you have with your clinician community is an investment that yields a worthy return. Time you've set aside and dedicated to you.

We're also saving you OODLES (yes, oodles!) of time by giving you access to our secrets, our templates, our strategies - all included with the Fellowship!

Because life will drive you in a million directions if you don't choose your own path.

We know that you're more than a clinician. We know you have other obligations and responsibilities. But we do know that you have to choose where you want to go - and when you are accountable, you'll stay focused and on track. 

You are meant to be more than a glorified chauffeur - in life and in business. You're probably feeling like everyone else gets your time except you. It's time to take control of the wheel and go where you want to go.

Your internal compass is pulling you in the right direction - you just need to follow.

If you were going to do it, you'd have it done already.

Listen, we're all about being self-motivated.

But we hear reasons that clinicians get stuck or face burnout all too often. They don't have enough time, resources, energy or money to create what they really want.

It's about the journey, not the destination. Going it alone is so much harder. Can you do it? Yes. But - if there was a way that was more meaningful, more enjoyable and more sustainable - why would you choose otherwise?

You're still in the right place.
Join the Fellowship.

We understand.

We know it can be isolating and lonely in clinical practice. We know what it feels like to have the credentials but lack the confidence. We are here to help you succeed.

With clarity, exploration and connection, The Wild Collective curriculum keeps you connected to your own health while also helping you advance your clinical and business skills. All with community and connection!

We want to take you further.

We see practitioners get started all the time. Then we see them hit roadblocks and obstacles that get in the way of their full potential.

We want to take you further.  We know that with community, connection and education, you will feel empowered and motivated to make lasting change. Don't cut yourself short or walk alone - join us. 

"Work" can be fun.

Done are the days of grinding it out in a way that doesn't make sense or align with what you're asking your own patients to do!

We want you to LOVE what you do.

When you engage in The Wild Collective, we have fun. We laugh, we cry and we find tremendous value in the collective. You get to stand up for what you really desire and deserve - in life and in health.